At FCCLG, we offer a wide variety of activities to engage the children of our congregation. Through “A Time for Young Christians” (during the service), nursery, Sunday school, and youth groups, FCCLG educates our children in the ways of Jesus. We teach them love, compassion, giving, and peace. We invite all the little children to come learn about God’s love at FCCLG!


All children are welcome to play in the nursery during the church worship service.  There are always two nursery attendants available to watch over the children.  The nursery room is a space where children can explore and play with other children.  The room is outfitted with a variety of toys, books, and activities.  If you have any questions about the nursery, please contact the office at

Sunday School – 10:15 am

We are formed by God’s spirit when we take time to know, remember, and give thanks to God.  This is just as important for our kids as it is for adults.  Children experience the mystery of God throughout their lives.  Sunday School is a place where they begin to express and understand these experiences.  It is also a place where they form and strength friendships with the other children in the church.

In Sunday School, we use the “Holy Moly” curriculum for preschool through 3rd grades. Holy Moly captures the imagination of kids by bringing the Bible to life. It is out goal to get kids excited about the stories in the Bible and to know the unconditional love and compassion of Jesus Christ.

Each lesson invites kids into the story with animated Bible story re-tellings and encourages creativity and imagination with activities that bring the stories to life.

For 4th through 6th grades, we will use the “Connect” curriculum, which seeks to connect the stories of the Bible with our lives.

With Connect, they revisit the Bible’s greatest stories, uncover Biblical themes, and discuss how the Bible relates to their own lives.


Confirmation is the completion of infant baptism or infant dedications. When an infant is baptized/dedicated, a covenant is made between the congregation, the parents and God about raising the child in the faith. Confirmation is the process of the baptized/dedicated one taking on the responsibility for their own faith journey.

Confirmation is offered every two years for students in 7th – 9th grade.  It consists of two parts, a confirmation class and the act of confirmation.  This is a special time for the youth of FCCLG to grow in their Christian faith, discover a deeper relationship with God, and to strengthen friendships with their peers in the confirmation class.

Y-ZAL’s – Junior High Youth Group

FCCLG’s junior high ministry is called Y-zals.  Our name is “lazy” backwards because we are anything but lazy!  The Y-zals are about fun and faith.  We are about experience and sensing God in our midst.  We are about playing, praying, and friendships.  All 6th – 8th graders are welcome to join us!

Y-zals meet on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month, throughout the school year.  We meet from 6:30pm – 8pm at FCCLG.

This time is a combination of free time, organized activities, and discussions specially designed for this age group.

Zackleys – High School Youth Group

Zackleys is the high school youth group of FCCLG. We gather as a faith community to relax from life’s pressures, explore our own faith, explore the faith of others, discover who we are, and accept others for who they are.  We are committed to having fun as we challenge each other to grow from a foundation of trust, honesty, mutual respect, and spiritual health.

During the school year, the Zackleys meet at the church on the 3rd Sundays from 6:30pm to 8pm.  If you would like more information on how to join our youth group, please contact the office at